The self-assesment will comprise the following modules:
This module will assess for the presence of low mood, feelings of sadness, loss of interest, changes in sleep and appetite/weight and loss of concentration. During times of stress, symptoms of low mood or loss of interest are common, but not always indicative of a clinical depression. Completing this module will allow you to determine the level of depressive symptoms you are experiencing from "none at all" to "severe".
This module will assess feeling of nervousness, worry and restlessness. While some anxiety is a normal part of life, it is usually intermittent and related to specific circumstances. By completing this module, you will be provided feedback regarding the severity of your anxiety currently and receive tips regarding how to best address anxiety based upon your symptom severity.
This module will assess symptoms and experiences that may arise after a traumatic experience. The traumatic event(s) may have been more recent or at some point in your past, but the module asks about how you have been feeling recently. This module asks about avoidance of things that remind you of the event and feelings of being jumpy/easily startled.
This section will assess potentially problematic patterns of use for alcohol and other substances.
This section will assess disturbances with your memory and attention, including difficulties with organization and focus.
Please, OPTIONALLY, indicate your department, role, and gender. This is recorded anonymously to inform us regarding the mental health and support needs across the Anschutz Medical Campus.
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